Charge Your Emotions - Dual Motor power 1200kW (1609Bhp)

The New Electronic Chapter

The all-new Imperium, a new chapter in our journey of electrical propulsion. In true fascination, we have pushed the boundaries in power and performance to the limit past the use of an internal combustion engine. The future is now for a totally new way of motion.

An evocative and purposeful view of the body of Imperium suggests as you would expect: a dorsal fin for straight line stability, a curvaceous but sturdy stance as well as beautiful clean lines to embrace and manage airflow. With the signature front wing element and the seducing eyes, this is clearly the Arash DNA.

A new generation of chassis & propulsion.

A powerful and super light, high speed electric motor with an integrated switch converter. Lowest weight in class, a combined 18kg allows for impressive propulsion at 600kW. A carbon monocoque with advanced 3d printed inserts allows for the lightest and strongest chassis. A lightweight battery pack made of a series of cylindrical cell type batteries enables breathtaking performance on the road as well as on track.


Chassis Weight (Kg)


Propulsion system + battery pack (Kg)


Number of Motors

Inspired by endurance racing

A beautiful curvaceous teardrop cockpit embraced by swooping buttresses and body panels shrink wrapped with a sturdy stance. The front face of Imperium is recognisably an Arash, large eyes, the signature front wing zone and low stance.

Extreme Emotion

Large lights, a low driving position and instant power at your finger tips and feet. The overall experience is unique by day or night.

The ultimate battery pack

Multiple modules of battery packs have been assembled with a cylindrical type energy centres. Liquid cooling through the cells using a metallic matrix allows for fast and efficient cooling as well as heating during cold conditions and optimised performance demands. A composite fire retardant system encloses each module and the entire battery pack. Safety and function are our priority as well as performance and energy density.


Number of modules


kg dry weight

Our new generation high speed motor

High performance specification motor. 600kW peak power. 18Kg weight with integrated inverter.


Peak power output (kW)


Total weight per motor + inverter (Kg)

Underneath the skin

Imperium was designed to be as light and as efficient as possible with the ultimate power from the most energy rich, compact and power motors physically possible. The battery pack is deliberately situated behind the occupants to allow a lower centre of gravity without a compromise in safety within its security cell. All moving parts are below the occupants waist line. All large mass points are also in a very low point.