The Falcon Has Landed

AF8 Falcon Edition Side

Made to move you

The all-new AF8 Falcon, a beautiful design, low drag co efficiency and spectacular down force. A designer’s eye leads to innovation and thus to something timeless and leading to a future legacy.

The front of the car to the back has a story. The front and rear louvres are ready for track use. A taller rear spoiler and aggressive front splitter.

Power and emotion combined

7.0 ltr, 550 bhp and in V8 configuration. These evocative statistics produce an emotional noise through combustion. It has motorsport DNA and low weight of approximately 120kg and has a low position to provide the best prerequisites for exceptional dynamic driving performance on the road as well as race track.


Nm torque @ 6000 RPM


ltr V8


horsepower @ 7500 RPM

Born to soar

In an effort to achieve even further lightness and spirit of track use, even lighter carbon fibres have been used to adorn the interior and exterior panels.

Designed to engage

A short overhang front, a jet like forward position for the driver’s cockpit and the large flat rear back ends suggesting that the car is wider than normal which mentally indicates where all the power is coming from – and its a lot of power. The windscreen wide and shaped at the edges suggesting motorsport – we call it the jet cockpit. The Falcon has an extended front splitter, making her more agressive and cooler looking.

Engineered to perform

Ready to race – lighter naked carbon fibre panels, a fire extinguisher in the passenger foot well, lighter and more race focused seating as well as an intercom system.


Carbon fibre body panels


kg dry weight

Power and speed, hands and feet

The all-new AF8 Falcon has an impressive acceleration time of just 3.5 seconds from 0-60 mph – that’s quite fast. And with a 200 mph standard top speed, it’s a fierce competitor in any environment.


seconds 0-60


mph top speed

Underneath the skin

The Arash AF8 Falcon was born to be on the race track. It feels special when you put your race harnesses on, press the starter button and feel that v8 vibrate through the chassis. The smell of the alcontara and leather, the feel of the of the steering wheel on your hands and just enough information around you in terms of dash and controls – all that matters. Ready for track or just plain ready when you aren’t even driving and just enjoying the moments to yourself.

AF8 Falcon Edition Interior Cutaway